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January 2017 - avatatk
News media could have done a lot more to prevent the election of Donald J. Trump - avatatk
Giving green awards to gasoline cars raises no eyebrows in Trump's new Washington - avatatk
Rampage by Dictator Trump overshadows deaths of two prominent local residents - avatatk
At Lotus Cafe, 4-course Chinese New Year dinner is something to really crow about - avatatk
Chevrolet Bolt EV costs half the price of a Tesla, but isn't close to being half the car - avatatk
Gannett lays off an additional 141 workers; The Record's readers try to count desserts - avatatk
President Trump ignores tweet inviting him to attend The Washington Auto Show - avatatk
Three courses plus dessert for $14.95; Amex modifies NYC Restaurant Week deal - avatatk
First drive of the widely anticipated Chevy Bolt EV is set for Washington Auto Show - avatatk
Times: Trump again wrongly claims that illegal immigrants cost him popular vote - avatatk
Trump-speak for lies -- alternative facts, truthful hyperbole --flummoxes media - avatatk
ShopRite's antibiotic-free chicken gets new name, wine-cork recycling and more - avatatk
Editors still parrot Trump's hyperbole as millions protest the illegitimate president - avatatk
Humiliated by our first black president in 2011, Trump has finally gotten his revenge - avatatk
Two years ago today, we spent a weekend in the lap of luxury, toasting Manhattan - avatatk
Trump sworn in, Obamas leaving White House in transition from class to crass - avatatk
Our next prez -- a filthy rich con man and tax dodger -- will make America hate again - avatatk
Readers' eyes are rolling at another front page full of political spin and speculation - avatatk
There are so many fish in the seven seas, and a lot of them end up on my plate - avatatk
200,000 Americans will speak for silent majority at swearing in of unfit president - avatatk
A deep, deep discount on four LED bulbs is another bright idea at Costco Wholesale - avatatk
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February 2017 - avatatk
Christie and Trump voodoo budget plans intend to screw middle, working classes - avatatk
Champagne and falafel breaks are good ways to cope with the insanity of Route 80 - avatatk
The Record: Incompetent reporter peddles a flawed column on NJ Transit bus service - avatatk
Homeowners: Make sure your next home water heater comes with a $300 rebate - avatatk
Swedes ask what is Prez Trump smoking? Vladimir Putin's dick, says Steven Colbert - avatatk
Papers like The Record, which rarely explores issues, are real enemy of people - avatatk
The Record, other media failed miserably to report support for U.S. health-care law - avatatk
Eating Out: Good value in fine dining, delicious food at Sanzari's New Bridge Inn - avatatk
The Record: Columnist misses the point about growing protests of Trump policies - avatatk
Night Out in New York: Grammy winning jazz singer Gregory Porter celebrates love - avatatk
The Record: Readers slam daily as 'rabid, left-wing publication,' 'liberal news,' 'junk' - avatatk
Editors blocked health-insurance success stories until Trump moved to repeal law - avatatk
Eating Out: Dinner at Penang as we search for the equal to Wondee's Thai specialities - avatatk
Oprah's bacon-is-OK diet, halal chicken, sale on organics, Icelandic fish and more - avatatk
The Record: A letter contains sticker shock about my 7-day home delivery subsciption - avatatk
In only 14 days, our nation of immigrants has absolutely the worst president ever - avatatk
Food shopping: Going in circles at Trader Joe's, a nicer H Mart, ShopRite and more - avatatk
When writers get a free ride, can they be objective about sad state of auto industry? - avatatk
If Ruskies did help elect Trump, then now is the time to 'Lock him up! Lock him up!' - avatatk
Gannett editors ban African-American achievement from The Record's front page - avatatk
Retirees find watching their weight harder than sticking to a healthy, meat-free diet - avatatk
Columnists claim New Jersey opposition to Trump policies is politically motivated - avatatk
The Record's strong environmental report ignores huge death toll from auto fumes - avatatk
A $29 lunch on Manhattan's East Side; recalling cozy home restaurants in Cuba - avatatk
Backlash to Trump presidency is filling The Record's news and editorial columns - avatatk
Breaking news: A big snowstorm hits suburbs of North Jersey in February! - avatatk
Homeowner's horror story: Andersen has the worst customer service in the world - avatatk
Self-driving cars expected to cut crashes, organ donations and millions of jobs - avatatk
Municipal snow-clearing crews do their usual sloppy job, but editors just shrug - avatatk
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March 2017 - avatatk
Since 2010, 500-plus vetoes show clearly it's Governor Christie's way or the highway - avatatk
As Christie cozies up to Trump, ex-allies won't be going to prison anytime soon - avatatk
Eating out: Enjoying a Korean beef-and-shrimp feast around a wood-charcoal fire - avatatk
Overshadowed by an evil Trump, Christie is getting away with murder in New Jersey - avatatk
In a shocking omission, no all-electric car makes Top 10 list at Consumer Reports - avatatk
Media blast Trump as the fake president, con man, sucker, but they may be too late - avatatk
Free organic sweet potatoes at ShopRite; plus, Armenian takeout in Hackensack - avatatk
As region chokes in traffic, The Record ignores our broken mass-transit system - avatatk
Ex-Record staffers will be crying in their beer tonight at a big Irish pub in Clifton - avatatk
Trump budget speech to Congress lacked specifcs, didn't end lies and exaggeration - avatatk
Food shopping: Fish, fruit and everything else taste so much better when on sale - avatatk
Eating Out and Eating In: Spicy Malaysian Fish, Ahi Tuna Salad, Salsa-Poached Cod - avatatk
FBI, NSA say Obama wiretapping is just another big LIE from PresidentTrump - avatatk
Jack and Ken Zisa kick off their campaign to defeat Hackensack Council reformers - avatatk
$35 bowl of pasta, loud group ruin dinner; plus, a tasty falafel sandwich close to home - avatatk
Tesla fans: Pay no attention to Model 3 doomsday scenario from Business Insider - avatatk
What the Borgs started at The Record, Gannett is finishing with a vengeance - avatatk
The Record can't keep up with bizarre twists and turns of lying Trump regime - avatatk
If you must eat fast food, don't be fooled by such words as premium, supreme, best - avatatk
Record reader and sports fan catches a major error on today's Local news front - avatatk
Federal judges teaching Dictator Trump several valuable lessons in democracy - avatatk
Hundreds of dollars in cash rebates allow Costco members to shrug off June fee hike - avatatk
A small city's high property taxes get you ice-covered streets and segregated schools - avatatk
Samson skips 2-year prison term, defies his Delilahs (The Record and prosecutors) - avatatk
Hackensack DPW getting more low marks for sloppy street clearing after snowstorm - avatatk
The Record politicizes proposed changes in health care; Paterson is two-time loser - avatatk
Amid storm predictions and panic buying, I enjoyed an oasis of calm in Hackensack - avatatk
Eating Out and Eating In: Sanducci's takeout, red shrimp, fish tacos and more - avatatk
Trump counselor hoodwinks columnist into splashing even more lies onto Page 1 - avatatk
In The Record, the Trump of eye doctors; Hackensack school plan soars to $109M - avatatk
The Record's readers hit 'corporate greed' at Gannett, pig-racing news and price hike - avatatk
At 24 Hour Fitness in Paramus, broken equipment and customer service from hell - avatatk
04/ 23 pages
As local news wanes, interviewing Trump voters is a colossal waste of time, money - avatatk
April 2017 - avatatk
Eating Out and Eating In: Lotus Cafe's seafood, H Mart's whole fish and more - avatatk
With tax plan as with everything else, Trump aims to screw the middle class - avatatk
$81.2M Hackensack school tax levy OK'd by tiny fraction of 22,000 registered voters - avatatk
The Record's Page 1 story downplays Trump role in growing anti-Semitism - avatatk
Zisas back Iranian-American, incumbents in Hackensack's school board election - avatatk
In Trump, we got an Emperor With No Brains, but news media still humor him - avatatk
On Earth Day, Tesla owners count their tax savings, praise emissions-free driving - avatatk
The Record cut expanded local obits, now praises 'towering figure' in running world - avatatk
Hackensack school board attorney has meltdown after he is accused of a conflict - avatatk
Eating In: Preparing delicious side dishes, other leftovers; plus, first soft-shell crabs - avatatk
No mystery about Bridgegate: Christie lied from start to finish, paving way for Trump - avatatk
Did NOLA air-traffic controllers party too hard, delaying my flight home to N.J.? - avatatk
Food matters: A world of spices at Kinara, takeout from The Fish Dock, Greek Yogurt - avatatk
I'm waiting for who will tell Trump to his face: Stop lying to the American people - avatatk
At Gannett's Record, too much sports on Page 1; plus, an obscure headline word - avatatk
If you care about the environment, don't waste your time at New York Auto Show - avatatk
The Record is clueless on Zisa family's bid to seize power once again in Hackensack - avatatk
As errors mount, payroll-slashing Gannett editor takes The Record from bad to worse - avatatk
Big Oil be damned! Seafood lovers crowd New Orleans for Gulf oysters, shrimp, fish - avatatk
No crustaceans were harmed at this year's Jersey shore Lobster Run and after-party - avatatk
Ex-Record staffer Jim Norman launches an online news site dedicated to Teaneck - avatatk
05/ 7 pages
Attention Hackensack: Don't forget to vote in Tuesday's crucial City Council election - avatatk
When the Zisas ruled Hackensack, greed, nepotism and partisan politics were king - avatatk
Eating out in Fort Lee: Bento box at Hiura, a belly busting combo at BCD Tofu House - avatatk
Hackensack builder to demolish damaged structure, resume work on apartments - avatatk
Now is absolutely the wrong time for dispassionate reporting about Trump - avatatk
Curses! I'll have to wait almost a full year for the best music festival in New Orleans - avatatk
May 2017 - avatatk
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